Sean Oliu founded, Kids Giving Back, at the age of 12 after directing a donation he received for being a finalist (Team Royce)  on La Voz Kids, (the US Spanish language version of The Voice) to his elementary school.  The donation made an impression on Sean of how a relatively small donation can have such a big impact on a kid’s life.  This along with a chance meeting with the mayor of Anaheim gave birth to Kids Giving Back, a non-profit organization that partners with  the Anaheim Education Foundation, a 501(c)3,  non-profit to support music education in schools.

Each year, Sean hosts a concert where he and fellow musician friends along with the business community donate their time, talent and resources to put on an amazing musical show.  As of today, Kids Giving Back has raised over $50,000 through ticket sales and sponsorships for the event. We are proud to share that 100% of the funds have been given back to our schools to support the noble cause of bringing music education to underserved students. It’s always a great night of music, food and fun and this year’s event will be even better!

Our History

The annual “Kids Giving Back Fundraiser” began when Sean Oliu received a Kindness Coin from the Mayor of Anaheim while at a local barbershop. The two were discussing the city’s campaign to reach one million acts of kindness when the barber, Gabe, told the Mayor that Sean sings. The Mayor asked him to sing.  Sean was nervous, but said, “I can’t say no to the Mayor” which amused the crowd. When the song was over the Mayor congratulated him for his singing and his courage.  In the end the Mayor presented Sean with a kindness coin and told him to pay it forward. Sean took the Mayor’s words of paying it forward to heart. After some thought, he decided to raise money to support music in schools.

Around the same time, Sean had a new and exciting experience participating on NBC/Telemundo show, La Voz Kids. Where he met some of the nicest and most talented people in the music industry.  As a finalist on the show, Sean was awarded a music donation of $4,000 to use at a school of his choice.  He chose to donate the money to his school, Adelaide Price.

Sean has always loved music; it’s brought him great joy and it’s expanded his world.  He knows many kids don’t have the same opportunities he’s had to explore music. This is why he’s made it his mission to help other kids have access to music, by raising funds for music in the schools.

The “Kids Giving Back Fundraiser” couldn’t happen without support from Sean’s friends and family who volunteer their time. Each person contributes many hours preparing for this fun event that includes opportunity drawings, food, dance and most importantly amazing music.

Facebook: KidsGivingBackFundraiser

Instagram: Kids_GivingBack

Twitter: Kids_GivingBack

Email: KidsGivingBack@att.net

Website: www.KidsGivingBackFundraiser.com

Also, we would appreciate your help in sharing our annual event with businesses that would be good partners. We would be grateful for ANY contributions that will provide funds to support music in our schools.

Kids Giving Back Team:

Sean Oliu, Founder

Norma Zendejas, Director

Robbie Hernandez-Oliu, Director

Claudia Herrera, Treasurer

Valerie Salazar, Board Member

Maria Alejos, Board Member

John Oliu, Board Member

Contact: Norma Zendejas, KGBF Co-Director at nzendi78@gmail.com

Thank you!





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Raising Money and Awareness for Music in Schools