Kids Giving Back is all about Kids working to support other kids. Sean Oliu and his friends raise funds annually to support the community with the main focus to provide funds to support music in schools. For the last four years 100% of all the money raised has been distributed locally. Kids Giving Back works in Partnership with the Anaheim Education Foundation, a 501c3, non profit. The goal is to make sure the funds go directly to the school music programs.

Support is not always about money, sometimes its about coming together to provide love and understanding. Recently, Kids Giving Back provided support to the Majory Stoneman Douglas High School community. The recent tragedy in Parkland, Florida hit close to home when a dear friend of Sean’s management team was directly affected by this horrible event. This prompted Sean and his dear friends from the band Darden to write a song of love, which they have recorded with students from the Parkland school community.

The entire experience was powerful and made Sean even more determined to raise funds to support music in schools, because music truly makes a difference. Music heals.

If You Would Like to Donate to support Music in our Schools, or have any questions please feel free to contact our Kids Giving Back Director, Norma Zendejas at:


Raising Money and Awareness for Music in Schools